Real World: The exercise kick-start

It really doesn’t matter whether you have good intentions, immense desire and flash new gear to keep your fitness/well-being routine in check over the silly season, the majority of us are likely to throw it all by the wayside for around two weeks while we overindulge in the excesses of the Christmas/New Year period.

But sooner rather than later we need to dust off our runners, locate that gorgeous exercise attire and reestablish our normal day-to-day lives. Today was the start for me and it was with acute difficulty that I dragged myself out of bed and actually left the house for a run (ambitious description of said activity, jog is probably more apt). You see I tried on Monday but failed to leave the property because I couldn’t find any clean socks. Obviously. And Tuesday, well I was far too busy for such trivialities as exercise.

Nevertheless, I did make it out today and while it was challenging and difficult and painful, I know tomorrow will be better… and I’m kind of looking forward to it!

And credit where credit’s due, I’m not sure I could’ve done it without the extra boost of Netsky’s track Come Alive.

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