Real World: Assimilation

There are two things I detest about a beautiful summer: shorts and the bikini. The problem is it’s so hot in Gizzy and, despite spending the majority of the past two years in Malaysia, my somewhat gentle constitution has not adapted well to the Gizzy heat sans air-conditioning – a luxury that ensured I never really needed to make too dramatic a departure from my jeans and t-shirt casual uniform whilst residing in KL.

It has however become apparent that in order to happily exist in my current geographical climate I have to make some adjustments, principally in the form of shorts and bikini acquisitions. To be fair, I’ve recently surprised myself in that three pairs of shorts have been added to my wardrobe in as many weeks taking the grand total to five pairs – this might sound standard to some but those who know me, know that I simply don’t tend to prioritise this particular item of clothing. Ever.

Now to the topic of the bikini – it was with a forced heart that I ventured out the to Gizzy institution that is Sequence to find myself a dreaded bikini. And what an experience. I tried on so many bikini’s all different in colours and styles etc walking away with a more than satisfactory Billabong two-piece by the name of Seashore in black for a very reasonable $90.

Billabong Seashore Bikini 2

After a test run at the beach this afternoon I’m slowly warming to the bikini, but make no mistake, a love affair it is not. Next challenge, replicating that model’s body… One can always wish!

If you despise this particular shopping experience and you are in the Gisborne area I highly recommend heading down to Sequence, the selection is huge, the staff are super sweet and I was pleasantly surprised by the price of their stock.

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