Real World: The birthday cake

So many of my friends and family have children of varying ages and stages. It’s wonderful and always a curiously entertaining experience to hang out with the wee nippers.

One of my great friends sons turned 3 today and it was with significant anxiety that I accepted the challenge/honour of making his revered birthday cake. Initially I thought it would be relatively straight forward, a square or round chocolate cake topped with lashings of icing and tonnes of lollies.

Upon further investigation as to the Birthday Boy’s (BB) cake requirements it became evident that this cake making business was going to be be somewhat more tricky than I had anticipated – BB wanted a Rocket! And given his intellect (two months ago he asked his mother what a dodecahedron was), a shoddy attempt was not going to cut the mustard.

So to the internet I went to seek inspiration a recipe and an instruction manual. It didn’t take long to pin down a recipe and strategise my baking and decorating approach; within 24 hours I had baked a deliciously rich chocolate cake and transformed it into a rocket fit for a very special 3 year old BB. The cake was received by BB with satisfyingly wide eyes, and the look on BB’s mothers face was one of relief I will never forget.

Happy birthday Flynnie!

Flynn birthday cake

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