The Haps: Big Day Out Sydney

A couple of weeks ago I took off to Sydney for 10 days, it was a really hectic trip with one highlight being the Big Day Out on Sydney’s hottest day on record… 46 degrees Celsius anyone?

Weather and common sense more than influenced our decision to head out to the venue a bit later in the day to preserve our bodies and minds. While it meant we missed some of the acts we wanted to see, it turned out to be a suitable tactic.

The festival was incredibly well organised and the crowd supremely well behaved (not a single wasted person crossed our path).

The Killers proved to be the biggest highlight for me; I’m guessing I wasn’t the only person that fell in love with lead singer Brandon Flowers, the man can sing and is the ultimate style master. Every song they played was a delight, the lighting was a dream and there were popping pyrotechnics. I’m not sure The Killers could have delivered a better set.

I’m definitely down for next years festival but one thing’s for sure, I’ll be crossing my fingers for more bearable temperatures.

Below are some snaps of The Killers taken from the stands.

BDO 2013 The Killer

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