The Haps: The Classic Hits Winery Tour

The Classic Hits Winery Tour kicked off over the weekend and yesterday it was Gisborne’s turn to play host. Held at Brunton Road vineyard, Clara van Wel, The Adults, Anika, Boh & Hollie and Fat Freddy’s Drop made sweet sweet music despite the uncharacteristically chilly and damp weather.

It was such a pleasure to see Fat Freddy’s live again and the lads proved why they are one of NZ’s most beloved bands, from the first note they played the rugged-up Gizzy crowd were up and moving their dancing feet.

Fat Freddy’s Shiverman was a definite highlight and Anika Moa an absolute delight (she’s so bloody funny!) but I was gutted to miss Clara van Wel (we were just a wee bit too late).

A big thanks to the organisers, Brunton Road vineyard, the artists and the crowd for turning up and making a success of the Gisborne leg of the Winery Tour, fingers crossed they’ll be back in 2014.

One of my all time favourite Fat Freddy’s Drop tunes, Midnight Marauders.

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