American Hustle

Yesterday I had a brainwave and decided it had been too long between visits to the cinema. I popped on my walking shoes, ambled 500m’s to the theatre and bought a ticket to the movie that happened to be starting next. Luckily for me that film was American Hustle.

Nominated for 10 Oscar awards, 10 British Academy Film awards and having already received 3 Golden Globe awards, it is no secret that American Hustle has received a lot of hype… and I was more than curious to find out if that hype was justified.

My verdict re the hype…? Definitely valid!

With a great cast of Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper I found the film addictive, riotously funny (don’t know how many times I lol’ed) and superbly costumed. Set in 1978 Bale and Adams characters are cons who get busted by Coopers FBI character. The Bale and Adams characters are given an out by agreeing to help the FBI make another 4 arrests. The story spirals from there bringing Bale’s wife (Lawrence) and Jeremy Renner’s character (Mayor of New Jersey) into prominence.  There is also a Sheikh, the mafia…. and on it goes.

But don’t read about it, go and see it! Here’s the trailer:

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2 thoughts on “American Hustle

  1. thycriticman says:

    The costumes are quite awesome! And De Niro’s cameo made for an incredible few minutes of film. I agree that the hype does make a lot of sense!

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