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Sam Smith – My man of the hour

I have a secret… It’s a mild Youtube obsession that entails me seeking out Stan Walker singing with friends or whanau. I love the way he interprets music, feeling, emotion. And when he is joined by his crew they really create some magic.

Anyway, today I was checking out Stan’s latest and stumbled across this Sam Smith fellow. Oh my goodness, I am a convert. Sam Smith is a British singer songwriter that not only writes amazing lyrics and melodies but also sounds incredible live (from what I’ve seen on Youtube); perhaps better than he sounds on his album.

He found initial success with Latch and his Disclosure colab (great track) and released his studio album In The Lonely Hour this year. I’m so biased, but I honestly rate every song on this album and have had it on repeat all afternoon.

If you’re keen for a listen, here’s a vid of Sam performing Leave Your Lover live. Love love love this!


p.s. I’ve noticed the search terms directing some readers to this post include “lyrics” so I thought I’d post a link to the lyrics just in case, Leave Your Lover lyrics.

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