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Blog love: Fashion Editorials

If you have even the tiniest interest in anything fashion related and you haven’t checked it out yet, head over to This website is a comprehensive repository of past and current magazine editorials, designer and fashion house lookbooks/campaigns and portraits of models making waves in the fashion industry.

The material is sourced from publications and professionals spanning the globe, from NZ’s own Black Magazine to Vogue Paris, V to Grazia et. al., there is a seemingly endless stream of material and it is without a doubt one of my absolute favourite websites/blogs right now.

“Julia” : Julia Nobis : Numéro #139 December 2012 / January 2013 : Anthony Maule

“Julia” : Julia Nobis : Numéro #139 December 2012 / January 2013 : Anthony Maule

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Blog love: Honestly WTF

Another big time fave blog of mine is the wee gem that is Honestly WTF, a lifestyle blog that covers fashion, art, DIY, travel, beauty…. the list goes on! Simply presented with just the right amount of dialogue, it’s everything I love in a blog, and then some. Go on, sneak a peek!


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Blog love: Awesome People Hanging Out Together

I love a good photographic blog and Awesome People Hanging Out Together has become a regular on my radar.

The website hosts a seemingly endless collection of images of some of the worlds most notable names (in recent history anyway). From an image of Frida Kahlo hanging with Leon Trotsky in 1937 to Jay-Z, Beyonce and Obama hanging out in 2012, it’s an adventure every visit.

Below is one of my favourite pictures – Jeanne Moreau and Miles Davis.

Jeanne Moreau and Miles Davis

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