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Casual Friday

You’ve gotta love Friday… I sure do. And given today’s weather (it’s like a mild Spring day) I thought it apt that I put together my ideal casual Friday night outfit guide.

I’m a massive fan of the jeans and t-shirt combination, it’s the ultimate in blank canvas simplicity. This pair allows each individual to personalise the look for any occasion and can be made to suit every personality. With that said, see my ideal key Friday night elements below.

Friday 1

Clockwise from top left hand corner ACNE T-shirt, Nobody Cult Skinny Jeans, All Saints Leather Biker Jacket, Alexander Wang Heels.

And the tools/finishing touches:

Friday Night 2

Clockwise from top left hand corner Maybelline Masterpiece Eyeliner Ink Pen, Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum, Chanel Rouge Allure Intense in 116 Envoutante, Vanessa Mooney Earrings.

Enjoy your Friday night and have a good weekend!

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Miista Boots

Every time I take a trip to a significant shopping destination I make a list of “must buys.” When I went to New York in December that list consisted of the following items:

  1. A beautiful winter coat
  2. Killer black ankle boots
  3. Good solid everyday handbag

Well, for some reason I completely lost my shopping mojo finding it difficult to make even the simplest decisions in places like Forever 21 for crying out loud. It didn’t help that the sales were insane, enticing the keen shopper to get amongst the discount goodness… This really isn’t my kind of shopping, I like peace, serenity… Space.

So I failed miserably when it came to items 1 and 3… However despite the chaos of the Macy’s Boxing Day Sale these wee beauties shone out from the rest (probably because they weren’t on sale… typical):

As you can imagine I was drawn initially to the spectacular heel… How could it be that a delightful combination of structure, design and fun could result in an ultimately comfortable high bootie? It certainly surprised me! And all I know is that Laura Villasenin, founder of Miista, knows a good thing when she designs it.

There is no mucking around with this boot and I loved welcoming the New Year in wearing these boots teamed with a Theory leather mini, an H&M white t-shirt, some good friends and epic sounds and a bottle of cold champagne!

Although I bought these at Macy’s (retail at $299 USD) you can also get them online at (₤225).

Be bold and have lots of fun doing it!


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