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My 2014 Grammy Award Highlights

Oh my golly gosh! I’m just catching up on the 2014 Grammy performances and did anyone else end up looking like an eye popping + smiley teary emoji after the Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Madonna (scream!) and Queen Latifah Same Love colab? Holy shit that was a great piece of story telling and showmanship. I blogged about the significance of Macklemore and Lewis’ Same Love creation last year; my brother kept finding me crying after listening to the song. It took about 6 months for the song to stop having this effect on me! The message is so important and the delivery and reach just so powerful. In my opinion this group of people really pulled off a great thing at the Grammys. Very very Cool.

The other performance that saw my mouth agape was courtesy of Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar.Who would’ve thought? I loved the energy, musicality and intensity of their performance. The percussion was fantastic and the theatrics spot on.

Notable mention has to go to Lorde, the wee treasure that is doing her thing the way she wants to do it (and winning 2 Grammy’s in the process). Miss Yelich-O’Connor you looked amazing, sang like you meant business and endeared yourself to everyone! Oh, ahhhh, would you tell me more about your lipstick….? Diggin it. Totally want it. Where can I buy it? Also, your hair, I’d love to have a turn one day.

Lorde shot by Naomi Shon for V Magazine

Lorde shot by Naomi Shon for V Magazine

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The Delight of Turkish Kolonya

Turkey is a country with a long history and thus a wonderfully rich culture full of traditions, mystery and great passion.

One of the traditions I have quickly come to love is the use of kolonya. I had noticed an array of glass bottles on my Turkish colleagues desks at the office and often wondered what these bottles contained and what was the intended use.

One day I happened to see the bottle in action; a colleague administered 3-4 quick sharp sprays of the kolonya onto her hands, gave them a good rub and continued on with her work.

This was an entirely new experience for me, never before had I seen such a custom. Obviously I had questions and was delighted to learn that it is common daily practice in both public and private life.

I took to this custom like a duck to water and as per usual set about to find the perfectly scented kolonya for me. After a lot of trial and error (thank goodness it’s inexpensive), I currently have two favourites:

In first place is this Vintage Gardenia kolonya by The Store of Ma. As soon as I smelt it I knew it had to be in my life, there was something about the scent that reminded me of my childhood (my mother’s perfume perhaps) and the packaging is just to die for. Pick this up at The Store of Ma online shop, or if you happen to be in Galata, pop in to gorgeous Lunapark and grab a bottle there. A 200 ml bottle retails at about 28.00 TL.

In second place is Pasabahce’s Cay kolonya. Fresh, clean and super subtle I love this scent when I am hanging out at home and don’t want anything too overpowering. Buy in store or online, a 200 ml bottle will set you back 22.90 TL.

Would love to hear about your favourites!

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40 Days of Dating

I love my job, but it doesn’t quite afford me the creative outlet I have realised my soul needs. Thus, I have vowed (as I did last year) to try to maintain a regular presence on the interweb that extends beyond Instagram and irregular bouts of innocuous tweets. I don’t yet have a principle premise for the blog but I’ll aim to post on a theme specific to every day of the working week. Monday (Entertainment), Tuesday (Home), Wednesday (Shopping), Thursday (Beauty), Friday (Style)…. Weekends (Surprises) etc.

With that said this will be my first post of 2014; may there be many more.

“When an opportunity seems scary… I must take it.”

Last year I read about an experiment whereby two good friends decide to date each other for 40 days to “explore and hopefully overcome their fears and inadequacies” in relationships. Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman complete a survey at the end of every day, openly and honestly describing their feelings and experiences; the website publishes both participants responses in what is a compelling and confronting read.

Oddly enough I am only up to Day 32, despite stumbling upon the website months ago… As usual life gets in the way, but if you need a daily read this could be the website for you. I’m currently working very hard not to fast forward to day 40. It’s that good.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

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