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A Love Story (quick read!)

If you are looking for something to do during your coffee/lunch break take a look at this link that is currently making the rounds on social media. An elderly couple take a photo in the same spot in front of their house every season but click through to find out more about this beautiful love story.

Via caninotv.com

Via caninotv.com

Happy reading.


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40 Days of Dating

I love my job, but it doesn’t quite afford me the creative outlet I have realised my soul needs. Thus, I have vowed (as I did last year) to try to maintain a regular presence on the interweb that extends beyond Instagram and irregular bouts of innocuous tweets. I don’t yet have a principle premise for the blog but I’ll aim to post on a theme specific to every day of the working week. Monday (Entertainment), Tuesday (Home), Wednesday (Shopping), Thursday (Beauty), Friday (Style)…. Weekends (Surprises) etc.

With that said this will be my first post of 2014; may there be many more.

“When an opportunity seems scary… I must take it.”

Last year I read about an experiment whereby two good friends decide to date each other for 40 days to “explore and hopefully overcome their fears and inadequacies” in relationships. Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman complete a survey at the end of every day, openly and honestly describing their feelings and experiences; the website publishes both participants responses in what is a compelling and confronting read.

Oddly enough I am only up to Day 32, despite stumbling upon the website months ago… As usual life gets in the way, but if you need a daily read this could be the website for you. I’m currently working very hard not to fast forward to day 40. It’s that good.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts!

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Reading: Grace: A Memoir

The unlikely and arguably more interesting character to emerge from 2009 documentary The September Issue was Grace Coddington, and what a generous breath of fresh air did she bring.

For many who were fans of her beautiful work but unfamiliar with her persona, Grace Coddington was swiftly propelled into the public eye as Vogue’s second leading lady providing a creatively human spirit and realism to an industry so distant for many.

Jump forward to 2012 and we are treated with her memoirs in Grace: A Memoir a collection of memories, photographs and illustrations of her life as one of fashions most influential players.


Fortunately I picked this book up at the airport on my way to Sydney and upon the realisation that I had likely dropped (lost) my iPhone in the airport lounge, this book consumed me utterly providing a much needed distraction pre and post Pitch Perfect viewing (which was AWESOME if you were curious… soooo laugh out loud funny!).

Given I am in city-holiday-mode I haven’t had a chance to progress further with the book, but from what I have seen so far it reads easily and with a liberal dose of humour.



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